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Architectural Design Studio (ADS) was established at the dawn of the new millennium in response to the architectural and planning opportunities offered in Indore. With time we have now grown into a multidisciplinary service provider providing architectural, interior designing, planning and landscape designing services through our offices located in Indore, Pune & Bhopal. Our Delhi office will be functional soon. Design excellence is at the core of the service we offer. Each and every appointment is regarded as a singular opportunity to achieve design ingenuity - making problems into opportunities and opportunities into reality.

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Architect - 1 post for Pune office - 1.5 L per annum

Eligibility : Fresh Graduates
Experience : NA
Preference : Candidates should have a two wheeler

Architect - 1 post for Pune office - 1.9 - 2.4 L per annum

Eligibility : B.Arch
Experience : 1 - 2 years studio and site execution works experience required
Preference : Candidates should have a two wheeler

Business Development Manager - 1 post, 1.4 L to 1.7 L

Eligibility : MBA - Marketing
Experience : 0 - 2 years
Preference : Marketing strategy, Lead generation and conversion, Excellent organizational and communication skills, Proficient in English, Hindi and Marathi, Should have a two wheeler

Our expert team

Ar. Suman Saha

Director - Pune Office

Ar. Soni Saha

Director - Pune Office
Head - Quality Control

Ar. Vijita Mishra

Director - Overseas Operations
Head - CAD Services

Ar. Rahul Subhedar

Director - Indore Office

Ar. Deepak Sharma

Director - Indore Office

Ar. Ashutosh Sharma

Director - Bhopal Office

Ar. Ruchita Shukla

CAD Services

Ar.Suyash Srivastav

Project Architect

Ar. Swati Ramgiri

Project Architect

Ar.Dnyanshri Mahajan

Project Architect

Ar. Deepshikha Gupta

Project Architect

Ar. Prajakta Ganorkar

Project Architect

Ar. Manisha Sharma

Project Architect

Er. Suraj Pinate

Civil Engineer

Rutuja Chimbalkar

Architectural Interns

Palak Siroya

Architectural Intern

Ranjana Siva

Architectural Intern

Chaitali Bhalerao


Sahil Singh

Site Co-ordinator

Dipali Jain

Interior Co-Ordinator


Note : The content of these blogs are the personal opinion of the writer and in no way intended to offend the image or sentiments of any person or project.
“Something inside me shifted. I mean did you notice the starry night modern version?! Deep man.” said Aakrid. “NO I DID NOT SEE IT!” came the instant curt reply from his friend. Now the fault is not that the friend didn’t SEE the painting in the Art Gallery, it’s the Art Gallery that didn’t LET him inside. Yes, the building didn’t allow him inside. You see, Aakrid’s friend, Sushil has been crippled since birth which rendered him wheelchair-ridden. No matter how wonderful the collection of the art pieces inside is, it’s of no use. The gallery, a public building, failed to serve the public, thanks to the twenty odd tread and riser leading to the high plinthed Modern Art Gallery.
Architecture aims at people’s comfort and experience. What kind of architecture is it if it does not cater to the people who are disabled? After all, disability is something everyone faces whether temporary or permanent. People who are differently abled have constant pangs of anxiety, undergo stress; cope with life transitions, value changes, and experience disability issues across their life spans The cause of the above feelings are very many, but one prime cause which we can eliminate is by doing our job right: designing buildings with sensitive features. Some of the famous inclusive architecture of recent times are Frank Lloyd Wright’s Laurent House, Rem Koolhaas’s Maison Bordeaux, Hazelwood School by Alan Dunlop Architects.
After looking into their anthropology suitable changes/features can be implemented. Most common ones are mentioned below.For ease of communication let’ s assume Sushil to be the person with disability.


This is a grand entrance to the interior that is going to house the public temporarily or permanently. When Sushil sees the wide entrance stretched enough for a comfortable walk with his crutches he feels no different from the rest of the people around him, this causes no break in his flow of walking and prevents a traffic jam near the doorway. An uncomfortable, awkward situation saved! Happy Sushil, happy everybody.


Every building wants to have a grand approach showcasing its monumental size and demands attention. One sensitive touch to the approach design goes a long way in effecting Sushil’s thoughts. He feels accepted and welcomed just like rest of the crowd. His anxiety reduces drastically and there is a sense of relief. All this, due to the addition of the ramp way along with the steps.


The dictionary defines restroom as : a room in a public building for people to relax or recover in with toilet facilities We are human. The need to use the restroom is averaged to an interval of about 3 hours. And as the name suggests, the place is devoted to making people feel atmost comfortable. In the case of sushil, comfort comes with large enough space for him to wade through. When this is achieved, true comfort reaches every single person utilising the restroom. Happy Sushil, happy everybody.
The essence of building and spaces has a strong influence on the quality of people’s lives. Decisions about the design, planning and management of places can enhance or restrict a sense of belonging. They can increase or decrease feelings of security, stretch or limit boundaries, promote or reduce mobility and improve or inhibit health. They can eliminate real and imaginary barriers between individuals and foster understanding and generosity of spirit.
Ranjana S Kashyap
MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

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ADS - Architectural Design Studio

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1st Floor, Morale Complex,
Opp. Balaji Trading Company,
Lonkarwasti, Keshav Nagar,
Mundwa, Pune-411036


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322, Tilak Nagar Main Rd,
Sector A, Tilak Nagar,Indore,
Madhya Pradesh - 452018
USA office contact : +1 (414) 394-1760

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